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Member services proposed information

Information project proposals:

  1. Principled co operation: Direct democracy, consensus decision making, policy and procedure.
  2. Land Unit Value System (LUVS): Land and resources access policy, land and resources asset mapping.
  3. Residential lost: Co operative homestead, kinship domain.
  4. Garden House : shared facilities, kitchen, office, laundry, bathing, etc.
  5. Hearticulture: permaculture, growing food, forest gardening, seed saving, composting.
  6. Stewardship agreement: caring for land, covenants.
  7. Commons Council: project support, governance, decision making.
  8. Events schedule: Guests, visitors, tours, full/new moon gatherings.
  9. Project Council: Co design, project proposals, pattern language.
  10. Investor Council:  resource allocation, cash, barter, trade, record keeping.

Crawford Bay Commons first annual general meeting

We will gather the interim board and visitors together this coming weekend – April 6-8.

Friday evening, weather permitting, we will meet at the fireplace in the middle of the meadow to help the full moon rise. All ages welcome.
Saturday we will be unloading and moving furniture around as a result of the family ‘resource’ exchange. All extra hands are welcome.
Sunday, April 8, 1-3 p.m. we will meet to set up the plans for the coming year. Voting members, prospective members, guests, visitors are welcome to attend.
We’ll eat when we get hungry – pot luck contributions welcome.

Work together – Meet together – Eat together.

Build cooperation.

for more information: call Robert or Laverne 250 227-9552

or find Crawford Bay Commons on facebook or wordpress.