Annual General Meeting

Fond greetings to resident and virtual members of The Commons,

You are invited to participate in the 2016 Annual General Meeting of members of the Crawford Bay Commons Co-operative Association.
The AGM will take place on The Commons, from 4:00 pm. to 5: 30, Saturday July 23, 2016.
Members have been sent two documents: AGM minutes 2015 and proposed land units distribution.

If you can, come for the day and walk and talk and eat and generally reconnect with life on The Commons.

For those of you who cannot attend in person, you are invited to make virtual connection to the AGM. Laverne is planning to offer a GoToMeeting connection.
It worked well last year, so let’s try it again. Please let her know about any changes in your current contact information.

We hope this has been a year of bountiful health and well being for you. It has certainly been that here and we would love to share it with you.

Robert Agnew

Community and Co-operative Development Services
Crawford Bay Commons Co-operative Association

Share Land Series

The recent Farm Food Fork and Young Agrarian events confirmed the importance of making the Share Land Series of books available sooner rather than later.

The plan was to get Book One – Share Land: An Invitation to Life on The Commons available around the summer equinox.

Interest is building quickly an the suggestion is to use crowd funding to get a print on demand run happening sooner. Any thoughts?

Communication and Information committee

Second draft of Book One was available to members available by the end of January.

Scott and Annora joined the project at the AGM on the Spring Equinox.  They are working on an access to information policy to guide what information will be available to members and/or the general public.

What you like to participate in the project to release the forthcoming book Share Land: an Invitation to life on the Commons?

Colearning event: Commons Values – Exploring consensus

Scott and William are settling in for the winter. They have been a great help to Robert during roof tarping (why does this word not appear in the online dictionary?) and moving stuff around. Lots of stuff.

Robert offered to host a co learning event on Saturday, November  16, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. He would like to participate in a conversation: Commons values. Exploring consensus.

It is an opportunity to increase awareness of principled co operation for current active members. Visiting participants may be accommodated. Please call in advance.

Advanced preparation can be done by reading the Crawford Bay Commons Cooperative Association Memorandum of cooperative Association and becoming familiar with the Seven Principles of Cooperation as established by the International Cooperative Alliance in 1995. These documents can be found in Info. drop down menu above.

Commons project proposal co learning event

How to make a project proposal.

Scott and Robert will host a co learning event this coming weekend, Sept. 27-28. The time for the 2 hour event is being negotiated.

We will work through Scott’s proposal to share land and take it to the next steps.

We will then develop a proposal for sharing the Garden House this winter.

This co learning event encourages participants to prepare a proposal to the Commons Council and learn about the steps the Council will take to transfer land shares from Robert to the Commons.

Our hope is to produce a clear, simple, transparent process to take a proposal from the idea stage through to implementation.

About the Commons – Scott’s video

Member services proposed information

Information project proposals:

  1. Principled co operation: Direct democracy, consensus decision making, policy and procedure.
  2. Land Unit Value System (LUVS): Land and resources access policy, land and resources asset mapping.
  3. Residential lost: Co operative homestead, kinship domain.
  4. Garden House : shared facilities, kitchen, office, laundry, bathing, etc.
  5. Hearticulture: permaculture, growing food, forest gardening, seed saving, composting.
  6. Stewardship agreement: caring for land, covenants.
  7. Commons Council: project support, governance, decision making.
  8. Events schedule: Guests, visitors, tours, full/new moon gatherings.
  9. Project Council: Co design, project proposals, pattern language.
  10. Investor Council:  resource allocation, cash, barter, trade, record keeping.